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To promote Taps bugler volunteerism among the civilian brass playing community, and to encourage music organizations to proactively connect with their communities to pay tribute to America's Military Heroes.





Why is it important for civilian trumpet players to proactively make themselves available to play Taps at Military Honors Funerals?

Updated by Tom Allen, June 2015:

- According to a Pentagon official in an article in the USA Today (November 2009), only 20% of eligible veterans will have a live Taps Bugler at their service. The other 80% will get a recorded device. If it's 20% now, what's it going to be like in 50 years?

- Families won't necessarily know until the last minute if a recording will be used, and funeral directors aren't obligated to tell them.

- Some veterans organizations pay hundreds of dollars to buy the recorded "bugle-like device" and feel they have to "get their money's worth," so they don't bother to look for volunteers to play.

- Some people think the recorded device is better than an unqualified volunteer... but I've had active Military Honor Guardsmen tell me that even a "less than perfect" performance by a fellow American volunteer is better than the recording.

- When school districts argue over the importance of Instrumental Music in our schools ... THIS is why it's important.

- We can't let the tradition of Taps disappear during our generation.

- Every day is Memorial Day for 1500 - 1800 families around the country.

According to the US Dept of Veteran Affairs (Nov 2008):

23.8 Million living US veterans who will someday be eligible for a full Military Honors Funeral.

Average age of WWII Vets: 84

Average age of Korean War Vets: 76

Average age of Vietnam Vets: 60

- It is estimated that there will be 686,000 deaths of veterans eligible for a full Military Honors Funeral this year.

Finally: When my father passed in 2002, we had 100 guys right there who could have played Taps... the thought that other families of WWII vets might get a recording is unacceptable.

"Taps should always be played by a real guy, not a tape recorder."
- Walt Allen





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