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To promote Taps bugler volunteerism among the civilian brass playing community, and to encourage music organizations to proactively connect with their communities to pay tribute to America's Military Heroes.





  Here are some of the questions received by Tom Allen

Q: What IS OperationTaps?

It's an independent project designed to gather and share information on the process of providing Live Taps Buglers for US Military Vets, and how community musical units can become more involved.
The intent is to encourage brass players who haven’t been involved to find a way to do so ....another objective of this web site is to highlight and celebrate those who have been doing great work in this area.

Q: Why do this?

I'm a former drum corps brass player and instructor who has TAKEN a lot of good things from the drum corps experience, and from the great leaders of the previous generation....

But recently, I’ve felt guilty about not GIVING enough back.

Once I started looking into what I could do, I found the whole process of volunteering to be a vague, undefined procedure. I just wanted to find a way for me and others like me to pitch in.

Q: Is this the same as Bugles Across America?

No, it’s a completely independent project…. But, BAA is a great organization that acts as a centralized point of contact for volunteer Taps players, and for those looking for a live Taps player. It is run by the legendary Tom Day (by the way, where's HIS Nobel Peace Prize?) who is also an advisor on this project. OperationTaps encourages individuals to sign up with Bugles Across America. I'm a member and many drum corps staff members and brass players are as well.

Q: Isn’t someone else already taking care of this?

Actually a lot of people are doing their part, but as I’ve looked into this, I’ve found it isn’t enough. For example, one of the leaders of the Monroe County, NY American Legion told me that they have one bugle player, and if he isn’t available, they just use an electronic bugle-like device. If Monroe County (as in Rochester, NY) thinks there is only ONE bugler, then we have a communication problem.

Q: What if I can’t volunteer to play Taps because I work during the day? 

That’s fine, but I’ve found that there are a lot retired guys who are doing great things, as well as teachers who volunteer during the summer, college students who have the ability to get away during the typical work day, and other professionals who have the type of job that allows them the ability to volunteer a few times a month. I also personally feel that workplaces should allow for, and support, this type of volunteerism.

And keep the questions and comments coming...

Tom Allen















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