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To promote Taps bugler volunteerism among the civilian brass playing community, and to encourage music organizations to proactively connect with their communities to pay tribute to America's Military Heroes.





Stories of Service

Once we launched this project, many units took the idea and applied their own creativity to how they can serve their respective communities.

Some units and individuals are already serving their communities and have been a great source of information and inspiration.

Here are some examples of how member units have volunteered

Ryan Codd

Soprano Bugle and Trumpet player for the
Empire Statesmen and Mighty St. Joe's

Read about how Ryan took action to serve his community >>

William McGrath, Jr.

USMC 1968-1971, USAR 1989-2006
Cmdr Post # 98 Am. Legion 1999-2001  

Member of the World Drum Corps Hall of Fame, as well as member of various Percussion related Halls of Fame and one of the most respected musicians, instructors, and contributors in the marching music activity.

Bill's message will be distributed to every veterans group we can find.
Read Bill's Important Message to Veterans Groups>>


Mighty St. Joes Alumni, Leroy NY

Read about how The Mighty St. Joe's Alumni Corps stepped forward to serve the Western New York Veterans Community.
Full Story>>

Jeff Gibbens, Erie PA

Soloist and Brass Instructor for the Erie Thunderbirds and Empire Statesmen. .

Read Jeff's Full Story>>


Manchester, NH Muchahchos
Drum and Bugle Corps

Read how this amazing group of true patriots from New England, led by brass player Noel Taylor, have organized "100 nights of remembrance"

Read More>>


We're always looking for more info on how units are participating, please send your story.

Tom Allen, OperationTaps



List of Featured Participants

Ryan Codd
William McGrath, Jr.
Mighty St. Joes
Jeff Gibbens, Erie PA
Manchester Muchahchos





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